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Your Daughter Thinks You Are Beautiful…

…until you tell her you’re not.  I readmother-and-daughter the most incredible blog the other day and it has been swimming around in my head ever since. It starts off, “Dear Mom, I was 7 when I discovered that you were fat, ugly, and horrible”, and goes on to describe how her mother’s words about herself would forever change the way she saw her mother and herself. It was very powerful.

Parenting is a tricky gig anyway you look at it, but sometimes I think we forget how closely our kids are watching us. I’m not sure many of us really consider that our daughter’s self-esteem should be so closely connected with how they believe we feel about ourselves. I struggled with an eating disorder in my late teens and have tried my best not to pass this along to my beautiful girl, but what bad choices have I made or words have I said that have contributed to who she will be…probably more than I can imagine.

So I began to consider, what does Bmybest really look like? “Learning to age gracefully, or not at all”, is a fabulous tag line, but it’s not just about fine lines and wrinkles. Aging is a journey; a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve decided for me, to Bmybest, I have to choose to be the best me I can be, inside and outside. This includes all pieces of me, physical, spiritual, emotional and mind. Deciding each day to become a better version of me, giving grace to the mistakes I made the day before and imagining the amazing and wonderful things I will do tomorrow.

  • Exercise because it makes you strong.
  • Eat right because it keeps you healthy.
  • Love yourself because you can’t love anyone else if you don’t.
  • Learn something new because we are never too old to learn.

The next time your child is watching, may they see you: extend forgiveness to someone who might not deserve it, try something they know you are scared to do, listen to someone’s opinion they know you don’t agree with, respond with an “anything is possible” instead of the reasons you can’t, and choose friends who edify and encourage you…and then hopefully…they will do the same.